How to pull data from a broken Lenovo Phab 2?

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How can I extract data from a damaged Lenovo Phab 2? If you are trapped in such a situation and trying to find a solution to solve the issue, you may wish to read this article. It guides you through the process of extracting data from a disabled Lenovo Phab 2. All you need is a third party Broken Android Data Extraction program.

“I cannot get my Lenovo Phab 2 charged and when I try to switch on it goes only far as the logo. I am not sure if it is the battery problem or something else. Now I’m wondering if it is possible to extract all the data on my Lenovo Phab 2. They are everything for me. Can anyone help please! Thanks.”

All you need is a professional data extraction app for broken Lenovo Phab 2. The following guide displays how to do this with such a program step by step. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Part 1: How to extract data from a broken/damaged/dead Lenovo Phab 2?
Part 2: How to fix your Lenovo Phab 2 system to normal?

Software requirement

Broken Android Phone Data Extraction (It is available for Windows, simply download the proper version depending on your computer.)

Part 1: How to extract data from a broken/damaged/dead Lenovo Phab 2?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your Lenovo Phab 2 to computer via the USB cable. The program will detect your device automatically. Switch to “Broken Android Data Extraction”. If your device stays in broken screen, black screen or non-responsive screen, you cannot enter password or cannot touch the screen, please click “Start” to try to recover data.


Step 2: Select your device model and name and click “Confirm” > Follow the three steps as the interface tells, and click “Start” to fix your device.


Step 3: After that your Lenovo Phab 2 data will be scanned. You can view and recover all files like contacts, messages, WhatsApp, call logs, photos, and more.


Part 2: How to fix your Lenovo Phab 2 system to normal?

Step 1: If your Lenovo Phab 2 system is broken or stuck in start-up screen and cannot make it work well, then you can use “Fix Device”.

Step 2: Select abnormal mode of your device and click “Next” > select your device model and name to fix your device to normal.

Step 3: This app will start downloading the matching recovery package and recover your Lenovo Phab 2 immediately. In case that your device becomes bricked, please keep the device connecting and do not use your device.

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